Legal practices

Banking sect, capital market and lease sector

- legal counselling on all types of bank and financial transactions;
- legal counselling on all financial instruments to secure payments and the recovery of outstanding debts;
- legal counselling on all types of lease arrangements;

Public sector–units of local self-government and public authorities

- counselling units of local self-government on the harmonisation of individual and general administrative acts with legal regulations;
- counselling of units of local self-government and public authorities on proceedings and other legal actions held before the Administrative Courts and High Administrative Court;
- counselling of units of local self-government and public authorities on constituting legal status regulated by employment law and establishing legal status with public servants;

Trade and upholding market competition

- counselling of tradespeople on all aspects of financial transactions;
- drafting all kinds of commercial contracts and providing means of securing payment;
- examining harmonisation of intended transactions with the regulations upholding market competition;
- registration and protection of trademarks, patents and industrial designs;
- registration and protection of intellectual property rights;
- counselling on mergers, acquisitions and other statutory changes of trading companies;
- conducting due diligence of the business entity's  performance and assets

Construction industry and properties:

- drafting all kinds of building contracts and contracts on providing building engineering services;
- examining and obtaining licenses in line with regulations on building constructions and spacial planning;
- counselling on property investment;
- property lease arrangements;

Energy sector

- concessions;
- harmonisation with regulations and regulators' opinions;
- obtaining necesarry licenses and approvals;

Pharmaceutical industry

- obtaining necessary licenses and approvals from regulators;

Public procurement

- counselling of procuring entities in all kinds of public procurement proceedings;
- counselling of bidders at all stages of public procurement proceedings;
- drafting bids and other submissions in the public procurement proceedings;

Insurance sector

- drafting contracts in all areas of insurance;
- representation in all types of legal proceedings;
- counselling on issues of harmonisation with regulations and regulators' opinions;

Telecommunication and media industry

- legal counselling on aspects of advertising and media regulations;
- legal counselling on telecommunication regulations, harmonisation issues and licensing;
- representation in all kinds of media proceedings.