Legal services

Company law

- preparing and drafting documents for incorporating and registering companies and institutions with the Court Register
- enacting registration of a company with Court Registers
- transfering and acquiring business shares and founder's rights of companies and institutions
- mergers and acquisitions, consolidations of companies
- reducing and raising equity
- preparing and participating at general meetings, meetings of the supervisory board and other management structures of companies or legal entities
- preparing and drafting rules on the operation of management boards and other management structures of companies
- statutory company proceedings
- representing in proceedings in the jurisdiction of commercial courts
- due diligence and legal advice on company management
- liquidation

Commercial law

- contract law
- legal issues covering data protection and consumer protection
- regulatory issues of individual commercial areas of law and representing in proceedings before competent institutions and agencies
- drafting general constitutional articles of companies
- collecting outstanding payments

Employment law

- employment of workers and employment contract cancellation
- drafting and cancelling of manager contracts
- drafting workplace guidelines and guidelines on systematisation of workplaces and other general provisions made by employers with respect to employment law
- restructuring programmes and collective compensation in case of redundancies
- collective bargaining and drafting of collective contracts
- strikes
- guidelines and arbitrating in cases which are not to be obstructed
- employment litigation
- general issues related to employment law disputes
- obtaining work permits

Distraint law, safeguarding of debts and debt collection

- in-court and out-of-court practices of debt collection
- securing claims in preliminary and permanent injunctions
- drafting of contracts for recovering outstanding debts and securing claims
- debtor's asset tracing and collection of debt mostly by seizing property, accounts, movables, business shares and other assets
- debt collection

Bankruptcy law

- conducting of proceedings and conclusion of pre-bankruptcy settlements ahead of passing the new Bankruptcy Law
- pre-bankruptcy settlement
- initiating and conducting bankruptcy proceedings
- representing bankruptcy creditors/debtors in bankruptcy proceedings
- participating at creditors' committees and meetings
- reorganisation/restructuring of debtors in bankruptcy
- consumer bankruptcy

Contentious and non-contentious procedures and resolving disputes

- contentious and non-contentious procedures
- commercial disputes
- domestic and international commercial arbitrations
- procedures initiated to disburse and sustain commitments arising from the law on obligations
- ejection procedures and delivery of the possession of real property
- compensation for damage
- family disputes
- initiating and conducting inheritance proceedings

Administrative law

- representing in administrative proceedings
- preparing and drafting of general administrative acts related to public servants' legal relationships
- preparing and drafting individual administrative acts related to public servants' legal relationships
- obtaining construction and location permits with regard to properties
- representing in tax and customs administration proceedings
- representing in expropriation proceedings
- representing in proceedings of repossession of property by owners
- representing in administrative disputes before Administrative Courts
- initiating and conducting of proceedings for the review of general acts' legality before the High Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia

Ownership rights, other real law and properties

- inspection of property status
- drafting real estate contracts on sale and purchase, rent or lease
- drafting contracts on design and on construction
- due diligence and legal advice regarding property investments
- drafting contracts on establishing and trasfering praedial servitude on the property
- drafting contracts on putting a lien on the mortgaged property and other real burdens
- proceedings conducted to register and transfer ownership rights and other real rights with the Land Registry
- dissolution of co-ownership
- drafting co-ownership contracts
- representing in disputes related to ownership and other real rights

Media law

- drafting disclaimers
- representing before court for releasing corrected information
- representing before court in claims for damages

Protection of intellectual property rights

- tracing, protecting and monitoring the validity of trademarks and patents
- registration and protection of copyrights
- registering a domain name
- disputes before court related to the protection of intellectual property rights

Mixed penal law

- representing and defending the injured and accused party in tortius acts
- representing the injured party and protection of his asset rights in criminal proceedings
- filing criminal charges