About Us

Law Firm Babić, Brborović & partners GP has been established in 2018 as the legal successor of the Law Office of Siniša Babić.

Law Office of Siniša Babić had been established in 2016 with its founder –  Siniša Babić, attorney-at-law, having accumulated 10 years of legal practice and experience. The Law Firm is located in the centre of the City of Zagreb (at the address: Amruševa ulica 5).

Our Law Firm specialises in the areas of commercial law (contractual and statutory law), civil law, and employment law, as well as in representing parties in civil litigation and administrative proceedings. The Law Firm represents and offers legal counselling primarily to legal entities established both in Croatia and abroad.

The Law Firm has been established based on the successful cooperation with our clients. We want to base our further development and growth of our Law Firm precisely on the successes and growth of our clients. Our business credo is to be proactive and to dedicate ourselves relentlessly to the legal matters and issues of our clients until we find the most suitable and best solution. Being an attorney is not a 9 – 5 job; it is more of a lifestyle. We consider the problems of our clients to be as our own, and their success adds up to our success. In order to resolve a case, one must look at all the details and observe the problem from all the angles (legal, financial, business etc.). It is exactly this work method that constitutes the unique position of our Law Firm, distinguishing us from all the others.

Our team is constituted of people who have achieved extraordinary results both in legal theory as well as in practice and who all have multiple years of experience in legal counselling. The members of our team are highly proficient in business English, and regularly publish professional papers in the areas of commercial, civil and employment law.

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